Transformations towards sustainability.


The arts are always about transformation of human experience. Arts and culture have been recognized to be at the heart of SDGs. Yet, we know relatively little about how to open up artistic processes involving artists, policy-makers, practitioners, communities and scientists. A4ST is a co-design project between artists, scientists and practitioners working on themes related to SDGs. Over the coming years we will learn, analyze and develop novel arts-based approaches.

The transformations needed to realize the SDGs are an exciting and creative endeavour which calls for the involvement, empowerment and inclusion of traditionally disadvantaged groups, as well as new forms of creating alliances. It is a call for novel ways of relating to and envisioning the world and a call for new ways of doing research in practice.

Our goal is to explore how creative practices of arts-science interactions and arts-based research generate relevant perspectives and boost collective capacities to address the urgent sustainability challenges of today. Or in other words, how they can help turning passive audiences watching the drama of unsustainability into empowered actors engaged in SDGs.

Situating and realizing the United Nations Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires an unprecedented effort for the integration, activation and creation of diverse forms of knowledge and perspectives. This implies a vast process of active engagement and distributed social learning geared towards transformative change. The primary aim of this project is to examine, learn-with and further elaborate arts-based sustainability research methods and approaches suited to this challenge. With a transdisciplinary approach, we will explore how Arts-based Sustainability Research (AbSR) may foster reflexive spaces, individual and collective skills and capacities to support the realization of the SDGs agenda in multiple contexts of action and countries. This project will give rise to a one-of-a-kind global platform to learn how arts-based research approaches and creative practices can support the realization of the SDGs. The long-term vision is to become a comprehensive and dynamic learning resource for those work with the arts in environmental and sustainability research to support the achievement of the SDGs.


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