Coordinating Team

The project is coordinated through Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies LUCSUS in Sweden and funded by Swedish Formas Research Council.


Diego Galafassi

Diego is post-doctoral researcher and multidisciplinary artist active within sustainability science, documentary, experimental cinema and performance. His research explores the roles of imaginative and creative practices for knowledge co-creation in processes of transformations towards sustainability.


emily boyd

Emily Boyd is Professor in sustainability studies and a leading social scientist with a specialist focus on environment and climate change. Her unique focus has been on the interdisciplinary nexus of poverty, livelihoods and resilience in relation to global environmental change, focusing on issues pertaining to cities, sustainable land use, water and deforestation in Africa, Latin America, South-East Asia and Europe. Her work has been published across the social and sustainability sciences with notable publications on resilience, adaptation and the politics and practice of community participation in the new carbon economy.


david tàbara

J. David Tàbara has been involved for over twenty years in international sustainability research with special attention paid to the development of knowledge integration methods to support social learning. He contributed to the first book on Public Participation in Sustainability Science(CUP, 2003) and to the development of the first EU Orientation Paper on Global Systems Science. Recently, he has focused on the assessment of win-win and transformative solutions to trigger sustainable climate action, the operationalisation of Transformative Climate Science(TSC) and the emergence of Positive Tipping Pointsin conditions of high-end climate change.